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Tuesday23 October 2018

Sticky Spiced Portuguese Chicken with Halloumi

Vegetarian/Vegan option served with baked falafel.

Succulent BBQ-style chicken breast on rocket and herby couscous with vine-tomatoes and baked halloumi. Served with seasonal greens, roast capsicum, jalapeños and a wedge of lemon. Topped with our extra healthy ‘aioli’ yoghurt. Banana, smashed berry and Greek yoghurt mess topped with toasty coconut for dessert.

With dessert: $30.00 Without dessert $25.00

Optional Extras:
- Add a warm flatbread $3.00
- Pot of extra steamed greens $6.00
- Emma and Tom’s – Karma Rama Smoothie $5.00
- San Pellegrino sparkling water 500mL $4.00
- Carman’s Roasted Nut Bar $3.00

Wednesday24 October 2018

Ginger-Roasted Duck Breast with Chili-Lime ‘Kaleslaw’

Vegetarian/vegan option served with ginger-soy shitake mushrooms.

Served on a bed of black sesame jasmine rice and herb ‘kaleslaw’ – red cabbage, apple, kale, mint, coriander and fresh red chilies. Served with sugar snaps, edamame and sweet chili-lime dressing with a touch of smokiness – AMAZING! Vanilla cappuccino chia pudding topped with dark chocolate chips for dessert.

Optional Extras:
- Almond milk oatmeal with a swirl of honey and berries $6.00
- Emma and Tom’s – Green Power $5.00
- San Pellegrino sparkling water 500mL $4.00
- Carman’s Roasted Nut Bar $3.00

Thursday25 October 2018

Superfood Chicken Salad with Nutty Honey Mustard

Vegetarian/vegan option served with lemon pepper eggplant and lentil salsa.

Zesty chicken breast on a salad of radicchio and mixed leaves, spiced chickpeas, roast capsicum, broccoli, apple and cucumber, topped with mint, feta, pumpkin seeds and nutty honey mustard dressing. Bite-size Oreo cheesecake for dessert.

Optional Extras:
- Mixed nut cup with dried fruit and a touch of chocolate $6.00
- Emma and Tom’s – Extreme C $5.00
- San Pellegrino sparkling water 500mL $4.00
- Carman’s Roasted Nut Bar $3.00