How it works


If we deliver directly to your office building, dinners are delivered to your reception or mailroom between 3pm and 6pm in sturdy brown paper carry bags which you can recycle. You'll receive an e-mail letting you know when your dinner has been delivered. Barangaroo deliveries take place on a second drop between 7-7:30pm.

Later dinner delivery - For large orders of 20+ dinners we can alternatively arrange a later delivery for you between 7-7:30pm if you prefer!

We recommend you refrigerate your dinner upon delivery.

The menu

We cook one delicious and nutritious gourmet dinner option each day (for which a vegetarian version is also available).

The upcoming week's menu is posted on the website and also e-mailed out to customers every Friday.

Ordering and payment

Orders can be placed up until 11am on Monday for Monday's dinner and until 10am on the day of the dinner for Tuesday to Thursday dinners. Daily e-mail reminders let you know that orders are closing soon so you don't miss out.

Payment for dinners can be made by credit card. We will grab your credit card details after you first order and we charge cards and issue invoices at the end of each week.

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